My Sustainable Living Journey - Ep.2

In This Episode:

Hi everybody! Welcome back to another episode of fashion in Threads. I'm your host Junia and on today's show, I wanted to share with you my own personal sustainable living journey which led me to make some major changes in my life and I'll give you 5 tips + tricks on how to jumpstart your own journey towards ethical living. So, grab a snack and a drink and let's get to it.

Episode produced by: Junia

Music by: Junia


  • What is "fast" fashion

  • What led me to make some major changes in my life.

5 tips and tricks on how to jumpstart your own ethical living journey

  • Start learning about sustainable living. Knowledge is key.

  • Recycle what you don't want or need anymore.

  • Shop at Thrift Stores: You can find great and unique pieces.

  • Refashion and transform your old garments

  • If you want to buy new clothes, you'll find amazing ethical brands


The True Cost Documentary

This is the end of today's show. I hope you've enjoyed it and maybe learned a thing or two. I want to say Thank you all for joining in today and don't forget to tune in next week where I'm going to talk about the zero waste lifestyle and 8 minimalist sustainable travels essentials you'll need in your life. Until then, always remember to shop responsibly and with purpose. Ciao!

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