The Power Of Self-Care - S2E1

Hi everybody! Welcome back to another Season of Fashion in Threads. We’re BACK! I’m back and better than ever. I know, it’s been a while since the last episode of Season 1, but life happens and throws you curve balls that will try every patience and sanity that you have and it’s not easy. For those who follows me on Instagram, you already know why I had to take some major time off and for the NEW listeners, head over to my IG page @fashioninthreads and hit the follow button to be in the know. Also, why not give us a follow on Twitter and our Facebook page @fashioninthreads for all upcoming news, giveaways, interviews and everything regarding the Fashion in Threads - Podcast.

On today’s show, I’ll talk about The Power of Self-Care and how important it is to make time to take care of YOURSELF: MIND, BODY & SOUL. Later on, I’ll give you some tips and ways on how to practice SELF-CARE for a better YOU in a world where everything is about excess and doing it for the gram. I want to take a quick moment to thank my day one listeners and to all the NEW ones that has join us today. So! grab a snack and a drink and let’s get SEASON 2 started.

Episode produce & Host by: Junia

Music by: Junia

That’s it for our first episode of season 2. Thank you to everyone for joining us today and have listened to our podcast since day 1. Don’t forget to tune in next week where I’ll talk about the recycling program and garment waste of some “fast” fashion brands and what you need to know about such practices. Until then, always remember fashion doesn’t have to kill to be fashionable and you don’t have to pretend to be something that you’re not just to validate the ego of someone else. Ciao!

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