The Stigma Surrounding Veganism - Ep. 5

Hi everybody! Welcome back to another episode of Fashion in Threads. On today's show, I'll talk about the stigma surrounding veganism and I'll give you 6 tips on how to start a vegan lifestyle and have an easy transition. So, grab a snack and a drink and let's get to it.

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6 tips on how to start a healthy vegan lifestyle and have an easy transition.

1) Firstly, learn about the vegan lifestyle and vegan nutrition. What it really means to you and the reason your doing it. Also, if you are pregnant or have health issues please check with your doctor about how to transition safely.

2) Don't go cold turkey because a dramatic change of that magnitude could shock your body. Go at it step by step in stages. Stay within your comfort zone and start by only keeping fish in your menu and get rid of red meat and chicken.

3) Get to know people who have adopted a vegan lifestyle and ask questions about how they were able to make the transition.

4) Start by buying more organic fresh produce, greens, whole grains, protein alternatives such as tofu and/or tempeh, vegan cheese and plant-based foods. Remember, food is your fuel to keep your body feeling more energize and functional.

5) Find delicious vegan recipes all over the internet and start practicing in the kitchen to know what your taste buds will prefer or be a chef and create your own.

6) Please, remember to take your vitamin D and B12 either by supplements or already fortified food. This is really important because that's the only way as of now to get these vitamins.


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We've reached the end of episode 5. Thanks for listening to the Fashion in Threads Podcast. Don't forget to tune in next week where I'm going to talk about can you be waste-free and not be vegan? Also, go on our Instagram page @fashioninthreads and comment on what led you to embrace the vegan lifestyle. I want to say Thank you all for joining in today again. I am really grateful for each and one of you. Until then, always remember fashion doesn't have to kill to be fashionable. Ciao!

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